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QGE Big Show Sale Weekend.

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th August.
Huge discounts to be announced closer to the sale.

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Remington XMP Trigger Recall. 

**Please check your firearm is effected before making a booking.Simply go to here. 

We have just received a small shipment of triggers for the Remington trigger recall. 

We have 10 Blued and 5 Stainless. 

As we have limited stock please ring up to book in your trigger replacement with Taylor on 3393-0933 (ext 4)

Bookings are essential.

An Update on ADI Flake Powder Production can be found here.

You may place orders on line and track the status of the order including shipping. Once an order has been place our mail order customer service team will contact you to confirm the details including freight cost and arrange payment.

Feel free to login in and register as a customer, so we can have all your details to process orders more efficiently and send you web specials. 

Trade inquires welcome register as a customer then send a email to sales@qldgunexchange.com  your account will be enable to receive trade prices.

Additional Freight Fees Apply to Items Classed as Dangerous Goods. This includes (but is not limited to) ammunition, powder, primers, solvents and aerosols.

These dangerous goods are more expensive to freight.

Prices Include GST and are subject to change without notice, please contact staff to confirm pricing.

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Here are a few tips to speed up the online application process:-

When you are acquiring a firearm through a QLD Dealer answer “YES” to the following question:-

“Is the firearm/weapon you are acquiring currently held by the registered owner?”



And when completing the details of the firearm only supply the required fields which are denoted by an asterisk “ *

Note you are NOT required to fill in the serial number, make or model and should always leave these fields blank.

QGE will fill in the correct details on your PTA and forward this to Weapons Licencing Branch.