Customer Loyalty Club

Welcome to the Queensland Gun Exchange Customer Loyalty Club.


As of the Monday 8th February 2016 the QGE loyalty points program will conclude in its current format.  

Points will no longer be accrued by purchases. Any existing points will still be valid and can be used at any time until all points are used.

The team at QGE would like to thank shoppers how have participated since 2012. We have given back to you the shopper over $900,000 worth of products so it's been a great success.

We're currently looking at new formats to reward our valued clients and will make an announcement in the near future.

Thanks for your participation.  


Terms & Conditions

  • Loyalty Points are not applied to customer accounts when price matching a sale.
  • Loyalty Points are not redeemable on sale items.
  • Loyalty Points don’t have an expiry date.
  • QGE reserves the right to change and cancel to redemption list at any time without notice.
  • Queensland Gun Exchange reserves the right to cancel the loyalty programme; at any time without notice.

Thank you,

Queensland Gun Exchange