STONEY CREEK Bivy Pack 50 Litre

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If you want a big strong hunting pack to get away for a few days then look at the Bivy Pack.  You can fit enough gear inside the 42 litre main pack for fly-camping trip away, and then you can use the zip off daypack to sneak around quietly during the day.


The Bivy Pack can take the extra weight of a load of venison plus comfortably fits the curve of your back with the aluminium back support bar inside.


If you don't need all the space, just reduce the volume down with the side compression straps. Great for slipping that last minute bit of extra gear underneath.  You stay much cooler when travelling because the back padding has wide deep gaps to allow air to freely circulate.


The Bivy Packs removable 8 litre daypack is made from Silent Series so will stay quiet when you are bush stalking. You can slip your map or ciggies into the outside pocket for easy access and there are elastic loops inside so your spare ammo and torch won't rattle about. You get a safety clip for your compass and a key pouch so you know just where you left your car keys at the end of the trip.


To keep your gear dry and get the weight down Stoney Creek designed a special laminated 2-layer waterproof fabric with a flexible urethane layer. 5 year Extra Tough Manufacturer Warranty.