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Meet the team at QLD Gun Exchange


Name: David Auger
Position: Managing Director
Years at QGE: 32
Favourite calibre: 6.0L V12
Interests: Motorsports, British comedy, red wine, gadgets, Asian food, spending time with family and friends.


Name: Julie Auger
Position: Managing Director
Years at QGE: 32
Favourite calibre: Gin & Tonic
Interests: Concerts, morning walks, travelling, family and friends.


Name: Matt McGrath
Position: Manager
Years at QGE: 11
Favourite calibre: Anything 7mm
Interests: Fishing, cooking for loved ones, cricket, reloading.


Name: Ruby McGrath
Position: Administration
Years at QGE: 5
Favourite calibre: .222 Rem
Interests: Classic literature and music, spending time with family, theatre, my bucket list, fishing, and travelling to places rich in culture.


Name: Roger Keft
Position: Sales
Years at QGE: 5
Favourite calibre: 22-250
Interests: Spending time with loved ones, hunting and fishing, travelling, sleeping, quiet time.


Name: Richard Woods
Position: Sales
Years at QGE: 3 
Favourite calibre: 6.5x55 Swede
Interests: Anything outdoors


Name: Stephen "George" Heley
Position: Sales
Years at QGE: 1
Favourite calibre: 308 Win 
Interests: Hunting ferals, competition pistol shoooting, collecting model cars, gardening around the home, breeding finches (threatened species), fast Fords. 


Name: Josh Murphy
Position: Sales
Years at QGE: 9 months
Favourite calibre: 308 Win
Interests: Movies, target shooting, justice topics, classic cars and the All Blacks.