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Licensing & Permits

Australian firearms licenses are regulated by state governments under the Weapons Act 1990. In Queensland (QLD), firearms licences and permits are processed through QLD Police under the name of 'Weapons Licensing'. Permits are often abreveated to 'PTA' for 'Permit to Acquire'. To legally acquire a firearm in QLD, you must hold a valid QLD firearms licence and for each firearm you must apply for a PTA.

For information on QLD firearm safety courses, please see details below:

Safe Shooter Training Phone: 1800 0 SHOOT (1800 074 668) - Webpage:

Ballistic Training Solutions - Carlo Marchese - Phone: 0499 075 544 - Webpage:

Firearm Safety Training - Tony Cassimaty - Phone: 1300 978 871 - Webpage:

QLD Firearms Training- Warwick Green - Phone: 0488 880 06 - Webpage:

QLD Training Centre - Kate Harper - Phone: 0418 723 269 - Webpage:

To apply for a QLD Firearms Licence, please follow the link below: 


QLD Permit to Acquire Process

To apply for a QLD Permit to Acquire (PTA), please follow link below:

Tips when applying for a PTA:

- We suggest ONLY providing the information in sections on the online form denoted with a red asterix.

- In all cases when acquiring a firearm from QGE a serial number is not required for the PTA application in QLD. If you want to avoid delays or issues with your PTA application, DO NOT submit the form with a serial number. 

- If you select the option to 'email to dealer' on your application, the processing time will be quicker and we will contact you when your PTA arrives in store. 

- Please note we can not apply for a PTA on your behalf.  

- If you are purchasing a firearm from Queensland Gun Exchange or your firearm is being transfer to Queensland Gun Exchange from another dealer, you must use the following 'Disposer details'

Queensland Gun Exchange

181-183 Wellington Road, East Brisbane, QLD 4169

Dealer Licence Number 50000026