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QLD Gun Exchange offers a wide range of services to assist customers with purchasing, transferring and owning a firearm. Please refer to the fee schedule below for the range of different services available.

Please note with any firearm transaction in QLD, we can only accept the original copy of the Permit to Acquire (PTA).

Private Firearm Brokerage & Firearm Transfers 

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Scope Mounting - $35

This service includes professional scope fitting and laser bore sighting of your long arm. QGE’s expert staff use quality tools and equipment to make sure the job is accurate. QGE offers this service free for customers purchasing rifles, scopes or mounts from in store. Please note sometimes it is not possible to offer this service for firearms being shipped out of the store.

Firearm Evaluation - $30 per firearm

QGE offers professional valuations of privately owned firearms. Valuations are carried out by staff members with no less than 10 years’ experience. Please ensure you contact us to arrange a suitable time before bringing your firearms in for appraisal. All valuations are provided in writing.

Insurance Quotes - $50

A non refundable fee of $50 will be charged for Insurance Quotes. The $50 can then be used as credit towards the replacement firearm/accessory purchase only. Please note, the credit can be used for quoted items. 

Firearm Servicing - $50 per firearm

Service includes basic function test with snap caps, full clean of action and barrel. Also includes removal of external corrosion and minor touch up of blueing. It does not include accuracy testing, live firing of any kind, replacement parts or any major removal of excessive corrosion.