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The Safari Sling keeps your rifle secure on your shoulder. The beauty of this sling is its ability to automatically drop away as you raise to shoot, without unslinging, making your shot unbelievably faster.

Equally important, this patented design lets you carry your rifle hand-free in three different positions:

  • Out in front of your body, in the right-side-up position.
  • Over your shoulder, in the traditional sling position.
  • Across your back, and out of your way.

The 2″ wide webbing is soft and comfortable, yet remarkably rugged and the patented heavy nylon loops fit 1" and 1-1/4" standard sling swivels. It offers a superior job of spreading weight evenly which in turn lessens strain and fatigue.

If you’re inclined to cover a lot of ground while hunting, the ergonomic design of the Safari Sling allows it to also work while wearing a backpack.