Cervellati Microcell Recoil Pad Sporter 23.5mm Thick - 80-85mm Hole Space - Grind to Fit - Black

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The Cervellati Sporter style recoil pad features a curved design to perfectly fit the shoulder, in addition to a sporter style sloped head meaning it will be quicker and easier to fit to the right position, guaranteeing upmost stability during the shot. The sloped top edge is essential when a quick aim is necessary, as it stops the butt being caught on the jacket or shirt - ideal for sporting clays and game shooting.

Cervellati recoil pads are manufactured 100% in Bologna, Italy and are considered by many as the highest quality recoil pad available. Cervellati are responsible for the revolutionary patented "Microcell" technology which creates a lightweight yet extremely soft pad, essential features when choosing your next recoil pad

Cervellati recoil pads are featured on world renowned firearms such as Beretta, Browning, Blaser, Benelli and more, so you can guarantee high quality!

  • Microcell Technology
  • Suitable for Sporting Clays & Game Shooting
  • Sloped top edge for quick aim - eliminates stock being caught on jacket
  • Colour - Black
  • Hole space - 80-85mm
  • Pad thickness - 23.5mm
  • Pad Length - 130.5mm
  • Pad Width - 44.6mm
  • High quality rubber to ensure longevity
  • Grind to fit
  • Made in Italy