CORSIVIA Olympic Orange Clay Pigeons Case of 150

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There are numerous reasons why shooters consider the Corsivia products to be the best on the market.

  • Great visibility. The excellent paintwork on the Corsivia targets makes them unmistakable
  • Stability in flight. All the Corsivia targets have identical weight and geometry so they never list and they all fly following the same trajectory.
  • Exceptional fragility when shot. With the Corsivia targets it is common to see great “balls of smoke”. The “Corsivia”, when hit by the pellets, turns to dust literally.
  • Quality of the packaging and zero quality defects. The production process and the packaging process are so carefully controlled that the target arrives at its destination in perfect condition;
    • The boxes do not absorb any ambient humidity
    • Unlike other brands, inside the Corsivia boxes, the piles of targets do not touch each other,
    • The percentage of target breakages in the machines is lower than 1% (provided that the machines are in good condition).

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