Els Leather The Cape Point Wind Check

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From experience, we know how important it is to know the wind direction while you're hunting. Els Leather have created an easy and efficient way to get an accurate reading when on the hunt, with the all new Cape Point Wind Check.

The powder flask is made from solid brass and fits securely in a handmade leather pouch that can be attached to your belt. The pouch is cut from full-grain leather and is painstakingly hand-stitched by our team of local craftswomen, incorporating a wide belt loop to fit onto your hunting belt so that it's always handy and ready by your side.

Just tip the bottle and allow a cloud of fine powder to sprinkle out through the three-holed lid. Watch how the cloud behaves in the air and you will be able to detect even the slightest breeze. Designed by hunting enthusiasts so you won't find yourself on the wrong side of the wind.

Another feature of the brass bottle is the secret compartment, designed to hold medication, batteries or any small necessities you'll need in an emergency.

Handmade in South Africa