Els Leather The Graaff-Reinet Leather Rifle Sling - Loop End

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The Graaff-Reinet Leather slings are crafted from high quality, genuine leather which provides a functional, practical and stylish addition to your rifle which is sure to last a generation.

It features a 45mm wide padded leather body, which provides a comfortable fit on your shoulder and reduces arm strain over the course of a long, strenuous hunt.

All the fittings on the Graaff-Reinet sling are cast from solid brass, sourced from England to ensure the best quality in casting. The entire sling is hand-stitched using a thick, wax coated thread, giving it the honest tactility of true craftsmanship.

The sling itself is adjustable in length to provide the perfect fit to your body shape, accompanied by "loop end" buckles which fit standard 1" sling swivels and allow for effortless installation and/or removal if not required.

Handmade in South Africa