Els Leather The Rhodes Classic 5 Round Closed Cartridge Pouch - Euro Large

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The Rhodes Classic is truly one of the best ways to carry extra ammunition on the hunt, the quintessential cartridge pouch which achieves the balance between simplicity and sturdiness.

It is the perfect size and ideal way to keep your rounds safe, secure and intact while hunting. The leather loops guide each cartridge through to the internal elastic loops, ensuring that it fits securely at the bottom of your pouch.

This design ensures the rounds will not move at all, important when stalking game as any unexpected noises could mean the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful hunt. Featuring a leather belt loop on the rear of the pouch, it is designed to sit securely on your hip allowing you to reload quickly and effectively, when it really matters.

A small pouch with a big impact, it can be easily & elegantly opened and closed with one brass stud, ensuring that your rounds are secure yet easily accessible. It is topped off with hand-sewn beautiful bright stitching to give it that exquisite detail. With every piece you can see detail and perfection, coupled with a signature stamp which is the initials of the craftsman who made the pouch from start to finish.

Available in six sizes - Euro Large & Small, Magnum Large & Small, African Large & Small.

Size - Euro Large

  • Fits calibres - 25-06, 270 Win, 7x64, 30-06 Spring, 9.3x62, 9.3x74R etc. 

Handmade in South Africa