Els Leather The Somerset Open 8 Round Cartridge Pouch Standard - African Small

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The Els Leather Somerset Open Cartridge Pouch gives you the capacity to carry up to 10 rounds*, designed to sit on your hip allowing you to reload quick and effectively, when it really matters..

Just like the Eastern Cape's rugged mountains and open plains, The Somerset boasts a balance between simplicity and sturdiness. The leather loops guide each cartridge through the elastic loops inside, ensuring that it fits securely at the bottom of your pouch. The new belt loops are lowered so as to make the pouch more comfortable when sitting. Instead of pushing into your side it now pushes out.

All Els Leather products are crafted from the best quality vegetable-tanned leather we can source. To achieve that genuine old school finish they hand dye the leather then oil it with their own mixture of beeswax and animal fat. The result is a product that looks as if it was made 100 years ago.

Els Leather believe in the ability of the millions of people in our beautiful country for whom there are very few opportunities to lift themselves out of the poverty they live in. And so you'll find a signature stamp on our products which is the initials of the craftswoman who made it from start to finish.

Size - African Small

  • Fits calibres - 450 (3/4"), 404 Jeffery, 450/400 NE, 400 H&H, 475 Nitro Express etc.

*10 rounds standard cartridges, 9 rounds of magnum cartridges and 8 rounds of the large cartridges.

Handmade in South Africa