Els Leather The Sutherland Bino Case

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Taking care of your expensive binoculars is one of the easiest ways to extend it's lifespan and gives you peace of mind that your pride and joy is securely tucked away while on your outdoor adventure. The Sutherland Bino Case is designed to express the Els & Co. robust nature and fine leather craftsmanship that they pride themselves over.

The inside of the Binocular Pouch is generously lined with a lovely piece of pig skin which ensures a snug fit and soft finish to keep your Binos protected. The rugged design securely tucks your binoculars away, limiting the risk of them scratching or damaging while bumping along a dirt track. True to Els & Co. design, the hard wearing top grain leather takes nothing away from an aesthetic point delivering a functional yet beautiful piece.

Importantly, there are two thin layers of wood laminated on the sides of the case, between the suede and leather, which provides a solid structure to further protect your binoculars with professional care.

The 100% cotton canvas strap makes carrying your Bino Case hands-free with easy access so you are always ready for action.

Dimensions: 170mm x 170mm x 90mm

Handmade in South Africa