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GPO Evolve ED 8.5x56 Binos Charcoal/Black

EVOLVE binoculars are built to the highest standards within their price class. Their unique magnesium body makes them ultra lightweight yet incredible durable and their cutting edge field of view makes these binoculars an instant classic among outdoor enthusiasts.

The sleek and ergonomic design has been combined with the use of high quality materials. The entire housing is made of pure magnesium.

Their robustness and optical performance make them unique performers in their class.
EVOLVE 8.5x56mm model are our newest offering aimed specifically at those who demand excellent low-light performance at a reasonable price.

•Magnesium micro-bridge and body
•GPObright™ lens coating technology
•Water resistant and fogproof
•Tough eyecup tubes
•Lightweight and compact
•Custom-moulded hard case

Accessories included with this purchase
instruction manual, cleaning cloth, hard case, neoprene neck strap, hard case strap, objective covers, ocular covers.