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Hunt-Pro Tough Series Gunsafe A B C

Here at Hunt-Prowe put the safe in safety. Our extensive range of safes are designed in Australia with your safety in mind and ensure only the best in quality when it comes to locking up your goods and keeping them secure.

Designed in Australia,Hunt-Pro safes are the most secure safes that you’ll find on the market. Our innovative H Lok design ensures the highest standard in Anti Theft technology, and pride ourselves on the fact that we are known to be the most difficult safes to break into. All our safes are designed with ease of use and operation so you can quickly and easily access your belongings at any time.

Respected and trusted Australian brand, ourHunt-Pro gun safes all come with a life time replacement warranty if anything goes wrong.


Cat C 8 Gun Safe

Store Pickup Only

  • Height: 1500mm
  • Width: 375mm
  • Depth: 360mm
  • Weight: 95kgs
  • Door Thickness: 6mm
  • Body Thickness: 3mm
A, B, C


  • External Ammo Box
  • Full Carpet Lined
  • MDF Gun Rack
  • High Security Key Lock
  • H-Lok Anti-Pry Design
  • Door Back Shelving