Max-Clean Tiger Snake Bore Rope

The Max-Clean Tiger Snake Bore Rope is the ultimate in bore cleaning technologies and is the fastest cleaner available. Just one pass through with this bore rope helps to alleviate large particles with a bronze brush, scrubs out residue, and swabs your bore spotless. The Tiger Snake offers a cleaning area 150x larger than a standard cotton patch. Pass through the bore with a spray of your gun oil (e.g. Parker Hale Express Gun Oil or Ballistol) and you’re firearm is clean and ready for storage


  • Bronze bore brush embedded in the nylon cord

  • Brass weight on the pull cord

  • Fully washable for many uses

  • Packable Design to fit snug in your gun case


  • 416cal Rifle (.416, .458, .45-70, .44, .450, .460 etc)

  • 375cal Rifle (.375H&H, .35, .357, .350, .358 etc)

  • 30cal Rifle (.308, .30-06, 30-30, .300, .303, 7.62mm)

  • 270cal Rifle (.270, 7mm, .284, .280)

  • 25cal Rifle (.257, 25-06, 6.5mm, .264)

  • 6mm/243cal Rifle

  • 22cal Rifle (.22LR, .223, .222, 22-250, 5.56mm etc)

  • 17cal Rifle (17HMR)