Max-Clean Ultimate Bore Guide 26-30 cal

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Cleaning your gun with solvents is absolutely necessary, but with any type of solvent, damage may occur if not handled correctly. Excess solvent can leak into your action and trigger mechanism causing damage. Also rifle stocks, timber and synthetic are susceptible to damage during the cleaning process.

With the Max-Clean Ultimate Bore Guide, you will eliminate the risk of any damage to your firearm mechanisms.


  • Suits .26 to .30 Calibre Rifles
  • Manufactured from Durable Steel
  • Adjustable to Suit Different Firearms
  • Protects Your Rifle from Damage
  • Suits Rifles - Remington 700, Tikka T3, Steyr Pro Hunter, Kimber 8400/98 Action, CZ300-375 etc, Browning A-Bolt Long Action, Mauser 98 and Jager 10 Haenel