Max-Clean Utility Brush Nylon Double Ended

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Ideal for cleaning out the dirt and grime from those hard to reach spots making it the perfect solution for keeping your rifle, shotgun or pistol in pristine condition.

The doubled ended utility brush boasts two different sized bristled ends, one traditional-sized end for cleaning larger areas and the other end features a smaller head for reaching the tighter spots.


Stainless headed brushes should only be used when you are trying to remove carbon or lead from stainless surfaces. Stainless brushes are highly abrasive and should be used carefully or not at all on blued surfaces as they may remove blueing.


Nylon brushes are ideal for use when a light clean is required or when applying a cleaning solvent to a surface, and the tough nylon bristles won't get stuck in your action during an intense clean.


Bronze headed brushes are ideal for intermediate cleaning as you can scrub hard and not scratch most surfaces. They are the best all-rounder for most cleaning applications.