Max-Comp Inertia Bullet Puller

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The Max-Comp Inertia Bullet Puller is the ideal tool for disassembling improperly loaded ammunition or to reclaim brass and bullets from other unknown ammunition. The function of the Bullet Puller allows the maximum inertia to the bullet in two or three impacts, providing a simple way to remove bullets from cartridges working perfectly with rifle and pistol bullets. The Bullet Puller is supplied with x2 three collet sets, suitable for dismantling cartridges from .17cal to 50-70Govt.

Features and Specifications:

  • Disassembles Improperly Loaded Ammunition
  • Removes Bullet in Two to Three Impacts
  • Includes x2 Three Collet Sets for calibres .17 to 50-70Govt
  • Includes Instructions
  • Fast, Simple and Cost Saving