Max-Guard Cyclone Utility Ammo Dry Box-Yellow

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This lightweight and water resitant Ammuition Dry Box allows for storage of multiple items making it the perfect accessory for any hunter, fisherman or camper. These Dry Boxes have enough room to fit a stack of ammunition (Ideal for Bulk .223, 9mm & .45cal Ammunition) as well as fishing tackle and accessories.
The Inlaid "O" Ring Seal allows for water resistance, so protect your valuable items during wet weather conditions.

Features and Specifications:

    • Water Resistant "O" Ring Seal (IP65 Standard)
    • Heavy-Duty Dual Clip-Lock Latches
    • Dual Padlock Recesses
    • Easy-Grip Handle
    • Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction
    • Outer Dimensions - 34.2cm x 19.5cm x 14cm
    • Weight - 0.62kg
    • Material - PP
    • Great for Storing Ammunition, Fishing Equipment (Especially Flares), Phones, GPS, Cameras, Safety Equipment etc.