Max-Hunter Fox Whistle with Lanyard

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Foxes can be a major headache for a lot of farmers, as it is extremely common for them sneak in and kill precious livestock. Foxes can be extremely elusive and hard to hunt, so it is wise gain an advantage over the pests.

This can be achieved with the Max-Hunter Fox Whistle which effectively simulates the distress calls of a wounded, dying rabbit or small rodent to attract foxes within range. This compact, durable and lightweight product is extremely easy to use, and requires little practice to perfect.

The Whistle is supplied with a carry lanyard attached, providing easy access when a hasty whitstle is required and hands free storage around your neck when not in use.


  • Effectively Simulates the Distress Call of Wounded Rabbits/Rodents
  • Specially Designed "V" Shape
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Compact, Durable and Lightweight
  • Emites a Range of Authentic Distress Calls
  • Supplied with Lanyard for an Easy Carry
  • Recommendations: The Tom Varney Fox Whistling DVD's are a great instruction guide on hunting Foxes in Australia!