Max-Hunter Scout 2 Pocket Bum Bag Koorangie Camo Fleece

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The Max-Hunter "Scout" Bum Bag is a durable Australian designed pack intended to take on the toughest Australian outdoor elements.

The Ranger belt bag is perfect for hunters who prefer not to carry a full backpack while hunting. Designed specifically for those who travel light, this durable addition to your hunting kit can carry the few essential items needed on a day trip, including items such as your phone, wallet, spare magazines, spare ammunition, gps etc.

This Belt Bag is covered in a weatherproof Koorangie Camo Fleece material which directly reflect the dry terrain of the Australian outback winter and is designed to help blend in perfectly with the local surroundings, making it the perfect hunting pack.

Features and Specifications:

  • Belt Bag Style
  • 2 Storage Pockets
  • Colour - Koorangie Camo
  • Material - Weatherproof Fleece
  • Adjustable Waist Strap with Quick Release Clip
  • Nylon Zipper Reduces Metallic Noises
  • 8 Internal Ammo Loops in Main Pocket