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OUTER EDGE PROJECTILES Hunting 22cal 57gr Ball Bearing Tip (1:8) 50pk

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Our Ball Bearing Tip range are copper bullets with a steel ball bearing tip sitting over a massive hollow point. As such, the degree of product consistency and tolerance standards are so uniform they are unmatched, and cannot be equalled by a plastic insert.

This means:-

New accuracy standards are now possible for long range hunting

Significant increase in Ballistic Coefficients of 7.5 – 15% when compared to our already sensational hollow point hunting bullets – thus extending effective terminal performance at longer ranges

Being steel tip, they do not melt or change form in flight at any distance, making fall of shot calculations much more reliable

The BBT’s, like their hollow point brethren, still maintain 95%+ weight retention post impact, expand reliably and travel a straight path through the vitals, to deliver what we all seek, a humane, drop to the shot outcome.

Designed, manufactured and packed in Australia. 100% Australian owned.