OUTER EDGE PROJECTILES Hunting 30cal 215gr Ball Bearing Tip (1:7) 50pk

Outer Edge Projectiles manufacture and a wide range of CNC machined copper premium grade high performance hunting and target bullets and are 100% Australian owned.

Outer Edge hunting projectiles are not only stunningly accurate, they address the shortcomings of both old style first generation copper bullets, and traditional jacketed lead bullets alike in relation to terminal performance at both short and longer ranges. The critical point for any hunting bullet’s performance is what happens when the bullet hits the target – not the weight of the bullet in the magazine, or the velocity or muzzle energy when it leaves the barrel!

Their hunting bullets feature aggressive ogives and the results in the field are spectacular, with devastating drop to the shot performance on all game from goats and pigs to sambar, all the way up to water buffalo.

Bullet ID 308 7 215 BBT – 300 Norma/300 PRC
Calibre .308
Twist 1:7
Weight 215gr
G1 BC .709
Length 46.40 mm
Ogive 30.30 mm
Tip Steel Ball bearing
Base Boat tail
Box Qty 50


  • With a 1:7 twist barrel, this bullet is the ultimate 30 cal. long range hunting missile with an impressive BC of 0.709, double diameter expansion out to 1,800 fps and 98%+ weight retention. The 215 is King of the heap in terms of long range 30 calibre hunting authority.