OUTER EDGE PROJECTILES Target 338cal 231gr (1:10) 50pk

Limited Stock

** Does not conform to SAAMI standard for magazine length for some cartridges

Outer Edge Projectiles manufacture and a wide range of CNC machined copper premium grade high performance hunting and target bullets and are 100% Australian owned.

The Outer Edge range of target projectiles are transonically tuned (stable through the transonic zone), and feature machined meplats which don’t require pointing or trimming. All Outer Edge projectiles are CNC machined to micron tolerance and do not vary from bullet to bullet or batch to batch. This dissolves the need for annoying, time wasting and costly ogive to base measurement; making the setting of Cartridge Overall length (COAL) and jump to the lands specification a breeze.

Bullet ID 338 10 231 T
Calibre .338
Twist 1:10
G1 BC .649
G7 BC .332
Length 43.90 mm
Ogive 28.80 mm
Base Boat tail
Box Qty 50


  • Extreme Long Range (ELR) target. Single shot feed in the 338 Lapua – Magazine feed in 338 Norma
  • Target bullets are not to be used for hunting.