OUTER EDGE PROJECTILES Target 460 STEYR 560gr (1:14) 10pk

Transonically tuned for ultra long range precision. 

These precision CNC copper bullets are specially designed for use in long, and ultra long range target and tactical platforms, for those chasing the extreme Outer Edge in precision and accuracy. OEP bullets are stunningly accurate over distances once thought impossible.

Most long range shooters are acutely aware of the enormous destabilising effects the transonic zone has on high BC bullets as they approach the sonic barrier. Outer Edge Target bullets have been designed, engineered and tested to be as stable as possible through this zone. OEP Target bullets will extend the performance capability of your shooting package.


Much higher BC when compared with other bullets in the same weight class

Same or higher velocities when compared with other bullets in weight class

Much higher velocity when compared with bullets of similar BC

OEP Target projectiles are not recommended for hunting applications.

Designed, manufactured and packed in Australia. 100% Australian owned.

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