The Quinetics Ultimate Kinetic Bullet Puller is a hammer style bullet removal tool which effectively extracts a projectile from the casing with no damage to any components.

The patented "New Twist" Chuck Assembly evenly grips and holds the case in place and once removed, the bullet, powder and case can all be released with just a quarter-turn of the cap. Easy and convenient to use whether checking an occasional reload or pulling hundreds of bullets.

Built with universality and longevity in mind, the Quinetics Ultimate Kinetic Bullet Puller features a space age plastic body which carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage, accompanied by a super tough alloy handle and easy-grip moulded handle and will accommodate ammunition from .22 Hornet through to .45-70 and .50 Action Express.

Features & Specifications:

  • Easy to use.
  • Built with safety in mind.
  • See through plastic makes it easy to see when bullet has been extracted.
    Alloy handle with moulded grip.
    Space age plastic body carries lifetime guarantee against breakage.
    Includes Complete Instructions.
    Made in USA.


  • Overall length - 29.5cm (11-5/8").
  • NOT FOR USE with rim fire cartridges, black powder cartridges, explosive projectile ammo or ammunition with high primers.
  • Will NOT accommodate WSM cartridges or .25 ACP.
  • Always wear safety glasses when in use.