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The Quinetics Uni-Chuck Shim Fit Combo is an upgrade kit which has combined the new twist "Uni Chuck" Assembly along with our Patented "Shim Fit" insert, designed to give your kinetic bullet puller a new lease on life, increasing the efficiency of your bullet puller hammer.

It functions by directing all of the kinetic energy from a hit to an exact point increasing the pulling power by 4 times, reducing the users effort and requiring fewer hits when pulling bullets which effectively extends the service life of your kinetic bullet puller.

The beauty of this design is that it will fit all brand-name bullet pullers available on the market, so there is no need to upgrade your hammer also if not required. Incredibly easy to use, simply affix the “Shim Fit” insert to the puller tube opening (flat side up) and assemble the uni-chuck and cap together and you are ready to start pulling.


  • Includes chuck assembly and shim fit insert.
    Increases pulling power by 4 times.
    Requires fewer hits to pull bullet.
    Extends the life of bullet puller.
    Will accommodate ammunition from .22 Hornet through to .45-70 and .50 Action Express.


  • NOT FOR USE with rim fire cartridges, black powder cartridges, explosive projectile ammo or ammunition with high primers.
    Will NOT accommodate WSM cartridges or .25 ACP.
    Always wear safety glasses when in use.