Rigby Leather Field Bar

The Rigby Leather Field Bar is the very first field bar that is genuinely portable. This unique product has been made completely by hand and features over a thousand stitches taking nearly a week to create one Rigby Field Bar.

Features include:

  • The Field bar can flip over your shoulder and carry cross bodied on your back using the adjustable 100% cotton canvas strap.
  • A very tall lid so that when removed, doubles up as a table to serve your drinks.
  • A solid oak cutting board, fitting in perfectly at the bottom of the field bar so serves as the base of your field bar.
  • Includes: 4 bohemian crystal glasses and 4 Rigby leather coasters. Stemless glasses were chosen as more universal for white wine, red wine, whiskey, gin or bubbles!
  • A Stanley food flask is included which has a very wide mouth making an easy access ice bucket.
  • Inside the field bar are two compartments which can hold whiskey, wine or gin. In the middle of the field bar is a compartment that can fit up to eight tins of tonics or soda.
  • There are separate openings in the lid which secure your wine bottles from the glassware so that you don’t damage or break your ‘sundowner’ goods.
  • Drinks not included.