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Steiner Ranger 6 1-6x24 4A IR

A classic driven-hunt riflescope with a large field of view across the magnification range. At 1x magnification, the field of view is an impressive 40.75m at 100 m distance. The 4A-I illuminated reticle dot ensures fast target acquisition for shooting on the run and is also ideal for big game hunting.


High Contrast-ED-Optics

Shoot accurately and react safely in all situations with edge-to-edge sharpness and excellent resolution of detail. With Steiner’s special High Contrast-ED-Optics the game stands out even more clearly from its surroundings giving you a perfectly clear shot.

Steiner Zeromode

In order to offer the perfect riflescope even in demanding situations, we have integrated the Zero Stop technology in our Ranger 6 riflescope for long-distance shots. After adjustment, the turret of the height control can always be reliably turned back to 0.

The Zoom Factor

A powerful 6 x zoom in a lighter and more compact size than most comparable scopes, The Ranger 6 is a riflescope for any combination. The 6 x zoom Factor gives great versatility for use in different situations.