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Top Brass - .308 Win Reconditioned Brass - 500pk Jug

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Top Brass buysONCE-FIREDmilitary brass from the Department of Defense and completely reconditions and re-specs the products for perfect reuse. In most instances, our fully processed products possess tighter tolerances than those of the original manufacturers. The results have made us preferred by lifelong reloaders.

100% fully processed & reconditioned .308 Win brass

Mixed headstamps sourced from once-fired military brass. Produced from primarily mixed-year LC 7.62 with smaller amounts of various other NATO-spec brass. Assorted headstamps may vary from package to package.

Brass has been:

  • Reamed (crimp removed)
  • Cleaned
  • Full-length sized, and trimmed to 2.003" (+/-.005")