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QLD Gun Exchange offers a wide range of services to assist customers with purchasing, transferring and owning a firearm. Please refer to the fee schedule below for the range of different services available.

Please note with any transaction, can accept the original Permit to Acquire (PTA) only.

Private Firearm Brokerage - ($11 + $9 Administration Fee) - $20

Private Brokerage is when two private Queensland firearms license holders transfer a firearm between licenses with a valid QLD Permit to Acquire (PTA). The acquirer must be present with the firearm, the approved PTA and their license for the brokerage to take place. The disposer does not have to be present, however they must sign the front and the back of the PTA. If the disposer cannot sign the PTA then a statutory declaration is required authorising the disposal and a reason as to why the disposer cannot sign.

Firearm Storage - $95 per Firearm per Year

The storage fee covers the booking in and booking out of the firearm once only. It allows the firearm to be held by QGE from 1 day to up to 12 months. It is a flat rate fee and we do not offer discounts for multiple firearms. Please note that we have a separate storage facility and may require at least 48 hours’ notice before the collection of storage firearms. All firearms stored with Queensland Gun Exchange are stored in a humidity controlled environment and are periodically maintained to preserve the condition of the firearm. The customer will be responsible for collecting or renewing storage at the end of the storage period of the firearm or it will be sold to recoup fees after a 3 month grace period. Please ensure that you keep us up to date with your contact details whilst your firearms are in storage. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the safe keeping of your items, in no event will Queensland Gun Exchange be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including the result of flooding or fire, to stored items.

Firearm Transfer - $50 + freight (if required)

Firearm transfer cover private sales transferred through QGE’s dealers license. This includes transfers received from interstate or for transfer being sent interstate. It may also include private transfers between QLD dealers and also transfers between two private QLD license holders who wish to use QGE’s dealers license.

For incoming transfers, the fee covers the receiving of the firearm, registration and disposing of the firearm with a valid QLD PTA. It also covers up to 30 days storage while the required paperwork is being processed. If the firearm stays for more than 30 days the normal annual storage fee of $95 will apply. Please ensure that the sender includes your name and contact number with the package before shipping so that we can contact you when the firearm(s) arrive. Private transfers not paid for or collected within a 12 month period will be sold by QGE to recoup costs.

For outgoing transfers, the fee covers acquisition of the firearm off a QLD firearms license and disposal of the firearm to another license. Freight will be applied to any firearms being transferred and shipped and will vary depending on the location of the receiver and the weight and dimensions of the package. Note, our length limit with Australia Post is 113cm. If the firearm will be longer than this once in the box, the firearm will need to be broken down (stock from barrelled action) which will incur an extra fee of $20. If you would like the firearm kept as one piece, the firearm may need to be sent via TNT (please ask for a quote). No parcels will be dispatched without payment being received for freight. Be aware we can't put insurance on transferred firearms being freighted. Please make private arrangements if you feel it necessary to insure the goods. Please ensure that you have the dealer details of the receiver and also the name and contact number of the end user when you bring firearms in to be transferred.

Note: The transfer fee is non-refundable. Ensure you are 100% certain that you are satisfied with the transaction with the other party. Insurance is not available on incoming or outgoing transfers. 

Police Station Collection Fee - $100*

QGE can arrange the collection of firearms which are being held by QLD Police. Additional storage or transfer fees will apply depending on what is required to happen with the firearms. The $100 fee covers collection from a police station within a 15km radius from our store. If collection is not within a reasonable distance from QGE the fee will be calculated on a case by case basis. Collections will require the owner to provide QGE with a letter of authority and a copy of the property receipt or seizure notice.

Scope Mounting - $35

This service includes professional scope fitting and laser bore sighting of your long arm. QGE’s expert staff use quality tools and equipment to make sure the job is accurate. QGE offers this service free for customers purchasing rifles, scopes or mounts from in store. Please note sometimes it is not possible to offer this service for firearms being shipped out of the store.

Firearm Evaluation - $30 per firearm

QGE offers professional valuations of privately owned firearms. Valuations are carried out by staff members with no less than 10 years’ experience. Please ensure you contact us to arrange a suitable time before bringing your firearms in for appraisal. All valuations are provided in writing.

Insurance Quotes - $50

A non refundable fee of $50 will be charged for Insurance Quotes. The $50 can then be used as credit towards the replacement firearm/accessory purchase only. Please note, the credit can be used for quoted items. 

Firearm Servicing - $50 per firearm

Service includes basic function test with snap caps, full clean of action and barrel. Also includes removal of external corrosion and minor touch up of blueing. It does not include accuracy testing, live firing of any kind, replacement parts or any major removal of excessive corrosion.